Beauty that exudes beauty

The luminosity and radiance of the skin are the yardstick for measuring Emotional Beauty. The Midhara Brand was born from the desire to walk the path towards a greener beauty that respects the surrounding world, a complete range of products for hair, face and body, based on the concept of sustainable beauty. Midhara is aimed at male and female consumers, responding to the needs of a younger target, but also to a more mature age group through anti-aging formulations.

  • Sensory

    Multi-sensory appeal combined with a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin

  • Technological

    Cosmetic technology applied through the use of Eco & Dermocompatible active elements

  • Emotional

    Emotional beauty measured through the sheen and radiance of the skin

  • Sustainable

    Use of recycled materials and production powered by green energy

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