Gli agrumi ci fanno stare bene

Citrus fruits make us feel good


With the help of citrus fruits we stimulate our immune system and start the day on the right foot!

Every day we can recharge with taste by choosing from the many varieties of citrus fruits, we can choose to eat them raw or if we prefer, spread jams on bread, drink a delicious orange juice or vitamin water for a healthy and full breakfast of energies

«Citrus fruits were the first fruits to be used as a“ therapeutic ”fruit. In fact, since ancient times, sailors used lemons and oranges to combat fatigue and malnutrition caused by the lack of vitamin C in their diet. . "

Even today they are widely used especially in the colder season which, thanks to their richness in vitamin C and potassium, allow us to fight colds and flu typical of winter. Citrus fruits are recommended for everyone, including the elderly and children, because they provide an excellent amount of potassium and water and should be abundant on our tables every day.

Nothing is thrown away from the fruit, each part can be used in the kitchen and in our recipes. Sicilian citrus fruits have a very intense scent that releases above all the peel of the fruit and being untreated, we can add a note of freshness to our sweet recipes! Citrus fruits are ideal for snacks but also to accompany cheeses. In the kitchen we can easily prepare orange jams, both sweet and bitter, detox drinks and flavored waters that will make us feel good just like the one I propose today.

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