Via le rughe d’espressione

No expression lines

Wellness is something that can be read on our face, when we feel good everything turns in the right direction.

We all know that normally the skin accumulates dead cells and toxins caused above all by dust and environmental pollution, this causes the pores to become clogged, favoring the appearance of blackheads and premature wrinkles and, with the passing years, even expression lines. and aging.

«To always have a beautiful, clean skin without clogged pores it is necessary to periodically do a peeling to exfoliate the skin of our face; moreover, at least once a month, I suggest you take a steam bath (the classic pot of hot water with the towel on your head) because it has the ability to open and clean the pores of our skin: inside the water hot always put a nice handful of dried chamomile flowers. Then treat yourself to an herbal tea with this flower with relaxing and calming properties even before going to bed .. "

It is also good to use natural creams morning and evening: there are some foods that help more than others to fight the signs of aging in a completely harmless way, they are foods that we all have at home and are great for making excellent masks or creams that they will help to stretch the skin such as olive oil, honey or lemon juice. But for some years there have been other safe and natural methods that help us see better and more rested.

Last month I wanted to try a non-invasive treatment and I must say that I was surprised and very happy: my appearance is now fresher and more relaxed and I no longer have that patina of fatigue that I have seen for a long time!

I state that before today I had never done anything on my skin so I was very skeptical and fearful.

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