I'm Skin

New cosmetic approach

The molecules produced by our skin can change our mood. Our state of mind can change the way we are perceived on the outside

I'm skin

The skin is the third human brain

You are the sum of: YOU + YOUR MICROBIOTA and this symbiosis is inseparable. Humans and the microbiota have co-evolved as an integral unit, so we are interdependent.


Revolutionary beauty routine

Right skin stimulation -> Skin cell activation -> Direct connection with your brain -> Mood tuning

A journey of olfactory, tactile and restorative beauty, but also sustainable and respectful of the environment

Sustainable beauty

From this desire was born the Midhara Brand, which aims to offer consumers a complete range of products for hair, face and body, based on the concept of sustainable beauty.


High% of ingredients of natural origin
Use of active elements
High cosmetic technology
Sensory appeal
Eco & Dermocompatibility
Use of recycled materials (both plastic and paper)
Production powered by green energy


Midhara is inspired by the concept of balance between the elements, according to which well-being, to be true, must take into account not only the purely physical aspects but also the emotional, mental and spiritual ones. Hence the desire to create products for the care of the whole person (hair, face, body) that are part of us, reminding us that we are what we feed on, even through the skin.

Who is it for?

Midhara is aimed at male and female consumers, responding to the needs of a younger target, but also to a more mature age group through anti-aging formulations.

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